Singapore visitors soar: Majority Indonesians, Malaysians, Indians

Indonesia, Malaysia and India sent the largest number of visitors to Singapore in June, followed by Australia and China. The Singapore Tourism Board reported, as the number of visitors reached 950,000, the highest figure since last December and the highest ever for June:

Fourteen out of the 15 top markets registered positive year-on-year growth in June this year.

In June 2010, China ( up 65.8 per cent), Malaysia ( up 51.3 per cent), and Hong Kong (up 48.2 per cent) registered their highest growth out of the top 15 markets.

Visitors from India rose 6 per cent to 83,000.

Indonesia sent the most visitors: 214,000, up 34 per cent. Malaysia sent the second biggest contingent, 93,000; India, third; Australia, fourth, 75,000; and China, fifth, 69,000.

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Singapore emigration and immigration compared with other countries

Singapore has the highest immigration rate in Asia Pacific after Hong Kong, according to the 2009 United Nations Development Report. Hong Kong's emigration rate  is also higher than Singapore's.

I looked up the report after Ms Amy Khor, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Environment and Water Resources, mentioned the UN Human Development Index in Parliament. You can see the report here and the statistics here.

Singapore is ranked 23rd on the index, as she said. It is one of only five Asian countries with very high human development, according to the index, based on life expectancy, literacy and standard of living. The others are Japan (10th), Hong Kong (24th), South Korea (26th) and Brunei (30th).

Norway is first, Australia second, Iceland third, Canada fourth and Ireland fifth on the list of 38 countries with very high human development, which include all the rich Western nations though some do better than others: the Netherlands (sixth), Sweden (seventh), France (eighth), Switzerland (ninth), America (13th), New Zealand (20th), the United Kingdom (21st) and Germany (22nd).  The Middle East is represented by Israel (27th), Kuwait (31st), Qatar (33rd) and the United Arab Emirates (35th).


Interestingly, some of the countries with very high human development also have high immigration rates. It's as high as 20 per cent in Ireland, 13.1 per cent in Ireland and 11.8 per cent in New Zealand. Hong Kong is also close to double digits with 9.5 per cent. The United Kingdom also shows a slightly higher figure (6.6 per cent) than Singapore (6.3 per cent). Emigration from the United States is as low as 0.8 per cent, same as that from India, but just a little more than from Japan (0.7 per cent) and China (0.5 per cent).  India and China are not on the list of 38 countries with very high human development, which are all named at the end of this post.

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