Flipboard to get better with Zite technology


Flipboard, one of my favourite news apps, will get better at the expense of another: Zite.

Flipboard will stop developing Zite, which it is buying from CNN.

Zite will be shut down, but Flipboard will use its recommendations technology to become an even better news app.

It is its recommendations technology that makes Zite special. Zite is unique, giving me interesting news and stories that I would have never found myself.

I subscribe to a lot of websites on news apps and aggregators such as Flipboard, Feedly and Google Play Newsstand.Continue Reading

News apps and social magazines

Wow! I am really bowled over by the news reading experience on my Nexus 7. It’s a gift from my son and an absolute delight. Of course, I downloaded e-books to read as well, but the news apps and social magazines have put me on cloud nine. Could news articles look this good? No wonder printed newspapers are having a hard time. They could never replicate the beauty of Flipboard.


Ah, Flipboard! It can make any story look as beautiful as Vanity Fair magazine. The typeface, the background, the pictures – everything is elegant and beautiful. Whether you are reading a Reuters news report or a TechCrunch blog post, the content looks as elegant as what you see in Vanity Fair or the National Geographic magazine. Even my blog looks good on Flipboard – at least to me.  Yes, you can read any website on Flipboard – provided you can type in the RSS feed address.

You can integrate Google Reader with Flipboard, which makes the content look more beautiful. You can add news sources and other content from Flipboard too. Just scroll through the various Categories – News, Business, Tech & Science, etc – or type in what you are looking for in the search bar. You can also add your Twitter and Facebook accounts to Flipboard, which calls itself a social magazine. It’s certainly a news aggregator that looks like a beautiful magazine.Continue Reading