Google censoring blogs just as India wanted

Google has started censoring blogs just as India wanted The news comes just a week after Twitter announced a similar move.

Just as Tweeter can block tweets from being seen in countries where they fall foul of local laws, so can Google block access to Blogger blogs in specific countries which want them removed.

Google is introducing a country-specific URL scheme for Blogger blogs. An internet user in India, for example, trying to access a blog with the URL may be redirected to

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Facebook’s growing revenue and net income

Facebook's growing revenues
Facebook's growing revenues

Facebook’s revenue and net income have grown phenomenally. It had a net income of $1 billion last year when its revenues totalled $3.7 billion.  And it’s all because of you, Facebook users.  In its registration statement filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission preparatory to its initial public offering, it says:Continue Reading

Singapore Pools OK, not the casinos?

How much money does the Singapore government make from the lotteries run by Singapore Pools and its other bookmaking activities?

Today reports that Singapore Pools will give S$164.8 million to charity over the next three years. The money will be put into the Tote Board Social Service Fund for the National Council of Social Service to use.

What the report doesn't say is how much money Singapore Pools collects from the punters every week.

Singapore Pools and the Singapore Turf Club are both owned by the Tote Board,  a statutory board under the Finance Ministry.

That puts the government in the same business as the casinos, from which it is trying to protect Singaporeans.

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