What makes a blog tick?

Writing in The Straits Times today, Singaporean author Koh Buck Song gave his recipe for a successful blog. The blogger must keep churning out fresh, engaging material, he said. And that’s not all, he expected more: "For me, the best way blogs can contribute to society is to serve as whistle-blowers against any abuse of power." Ooh, and get dooced, dissed or worse?

Of course, there are brave souls willing to run such risks, but maybe Mr Koh should look at  Technorati’s list of the Top 100 Blogs. Top of the list is Boing Boing, which is more interested in what’s new than what’s wrong with the world. There are political blogs on the list, but it’s pretty mixed, including both light and heavy stuff.

I have nothing against the heavy stuff. Personally, I am less inclined to read PostSecret, which takes the second spot, than Daily Kos, which ranks fourth. Engadget is third.

I wish, given his high expectations, Mr Koh had mentioned some of his favourite blogs.  He wrote about blogs without mentioning any. Maybe he was being discreet, and he expects others to be brave!

Talking about brave souls, how about this? Daniel Drezner, assistant professor of political science at the University of Chicago, will have to look for a new job. Both he and the university denied it had anything to do with his blog, but some suspect that was one of the reasons, reports the New York Sun. But has Prof Drezner stopped blogging? Not at all, he is still firing away.