Douchebaggery! Amazeballs! Oxford Dictionaries’ latest words

Doncha go cray over this listicle of new words added to It’s trying to be uber cool, updating every month. Plugged into pop culture, seriously hyperconnected, this lexical hip cat has been soaking up new words faster than a former boozer who just fell off the wagon can order refills.

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The importance of Dead Poets Society

The death of Robin Williams brought tears to my eyes as I watched these scenes from Dead Poets Society showing him playing the English teacher, John Keating. He inspires his students through his teaching of poetry. “No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world,” he says.

Yes, Keating was right. It is poetry, love and romance that lift our lives. [Read more...]

President’s Scholars: Their schools and choices

Looking at the list of President’s Scholars announced today, it was good to see one of the five will be reading global affairs and another, either political science or psychology. Not everyone is opting for the hard sciences. In fact, going by the list of recent President’s Scholars, the majority prefer the soft sciences. Here’s the list of President’s Scholars since 2002. [Read more...]

The love that dared not speak its name

Having returned to Singapore only last week after a long time, I have been catching up with the news. And one of the stories I have been following is the furore over two gay-themed books removed from the children’s section of the National Library.

I love the library and am sorry to see it and am sorry to see it getting its knickers in a twist with bloggers, writers and others raging against literary censorship. A blog post I read even drew a parallel with Nazi book burnings.

But I have one question: Can you name any great play or novel celebrating same-sex love? [Read more...]