Amos Yee: The boy who got into trouble because of the internet

Amos Yee reminded me of a scene from The Sound of Music, where the nuns sing, How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

Unsuitable for the nun’s life, Maria, played by Julie Andrews, found happiness with the rich Captain Von Trapp (Christopher Plummer). Amos’s life has taken a grimmer turn. Only 16 years old, he has been found guilty of uploading an obscene image depicting Lee Kuan Yew with Margaret Thatcher, who admired him, and making remarks intended to hurt the feelings of Christians.

However, the prosecution has sought counselling and probation for the boy, not a jail sentence or a fine, because he is young.

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Even the heavens wept for Lee Kuan Yew

lky remembered

Even the heavens wept, with the rain coming down on Lee Kuan Yew’s funeral. That couldn’t prevent people from pouring out on the streets to pay their respects to the departed leader.  “Lee Kuan Yew! Lew Kuan Yew!” the crowd chanted in thunderous ovation to the founder of the nation. Vindication or nostalgia, it had to be one or the other that surged forth in this vast outpouring of affection.Continue Reading