Alan Rusbridger of the Guardian

Alan Rusbridger
Alan Rusbridger
Alan Rusbridger stepped down as editor-in-chief of the Guardian yesterday. A great editor of a great newspaper.

I won’t comment on his and the Guardian’s involvement with Wikileaks and Edward Snowden because I am not interested in politics.

What I do appreciate is good writing and good journalism, which is not only about politics but about life itself: culture, society and trends of the day. The Guardian has provided both in spades — good writing and good journalism.Continue Reading

Thanks, Twitter, the news couldn’t be neater

After following the UK elections on the BBC and Twitter, I must say Barack Obama gave a better victory speech than David Cameron. Cameron’s jubilant “sweetest victory of all” speech at the Conservative Party headquarters lacked the poetry of Obama’s victory speeches in 2008 and 2012.

The talking heads on the BBC were all right. There was a funny moment when former Lib-Dem leader Paddy Ashdown said he would eat his hat if the exit poll was right.

“If this exit poll is right I will publicly eat my hat,” says Paddy Ashdown.

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Pictures and type

Seen on Twitter
Seen on Twitter

A picture’s worth a thousand words? The thought crossed my mind when I saw the so-called summary cards with large images, one after another, on Twitter. Even the New York Times and Reuters are using big images to get attention on Twitter. Twitter users will, of course, say that’s nothing new. Instagram, Vine, Meerkat, Periscope, all show the importance of visuals on Twitter.Continue Reading

The power of Facebook

The 800 pound gorilla in the newsroom
The 800 pound gorilla in the newsroom

The newspaper reporter now has the worst job in America, according to Career Cast. Papers are folding, jobs dwindling. Even newspapers like the New York Times are turning to Facebook to attract readers.

The Times will soon start posting stories directly on Facebook and not just rely on links to attract readers.Continue Reading