Flipboard comes to desktop

Now Flipboard users can curate their own magazines on Android phones and tablets, too, just as they have been doing for some time now on iPhones and iPads.

What’s more, they can add articles, pictures and videos to their Flipboard magazines straight from the desktop using a new Flipboard bookmarklet called Flip it. [Read more...]

Happy birthday, World Wide Web!

Happy 20th birthday, World Wide Web! On this day, April 30, in 1993 the Web went public for everyone to use and what a game-changer it has been, giving people greater say, letting everyone publish if they please and communicate online. [Read more...]

Google+, minus Google Reader

Google Reader is being shut down because people are not sharing enough content on Google+, says a former Google Reader product manager. The Reader was being kept alive to drive content to Google+, but it did not do so, says Brian Shih, speaking from his own experience.

Google’s big hit in social media has been YouTube rather than Google+. In a blog post last week, YouTube announced: “YouTube now has more than a billion unique users every single month.”

Powering this growth, it said, is Gen C (C stands for content) – youngsters born between 1988 and 1993 — who, according to the Google Agency Blog, watch YouTube “on all screens, all the time”.

That brings YouTube neck and neck with Facebook which reports “more than a billion active users as of December 2012.” [Read more...]

NewsBlur, Feedspot, Feeder and The Old Reader

Here are four news readers different from Feedly and the about-to-shut-down Google Reader. You can read all of them on your PC.

NewsBlur offers four views:

  • The original view, which shows the entire original site
  • The feed view, which shows the plain RSS feed of the website
  • The text view
  • The story view, which shows each individual news item or blog post from the original site

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Google Keep really for keeps?

Now you can create and save notes on Google Keep. I created this slide show while fooling around with it. This is the desktop version of Google Keep. You can create notes, save pictures and email and share them with your friends on Google + Circles. And that’s it. It’s as basic as it gets.

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Google Keep to challenge Evernote

Hah! As soon as Google announces it is shutting down Google Reader, it is reported to be developing a new note-taking app called Keep to challenge Evernote.

Android Police pulled this image off Google Drive before the app was taken down after being apparently inadvertently released.

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Feedly and other news readers

More than half a million Google Readers signed up to use Feedly within 48 hours of Google announcing it would be shutting down the Reader on July 1, reported Feedly. More than half a million! And yet such a large reader base was not enough to prevent Google from axing the Reader.

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