About this blog

Hi, I am Abhijit. Welcome to pressrun.net. I love to blog about books, media, words, poetry — and you will find quite a bit about Singapore. I love music, too. And don’t forget to check my favourite poems and the miscellany pages containing pieces which originally appeared elsewhere.

I love reading and writing and that’s how got into blogging. I just wanted to write and publish online. But, as time went by, I discovered a website could be a virtual library, an archive, to preserve things I had read for future reference. Memory can be flaky, but a search engine can flush out things forgotten. This is my little space on a server to write and recall, my memory aid, my bulwark against oblivion.

And if it’s of any use to you, if there’s anything you like, thank you. You made my day.

Please do comment. You could also write to me. I would love to hear from you and see you again. Happy trails until we meet again!