Now you can unsend email: Check out Pluto

Want to make changes in the email you just sent? Unsend it!

Now you can edit email after sending it as long as it has not been opened by the recipient.  Just sign up for Pluto Mail, a new free email service.

Pluto Mail
Pluto Mail

With Pluto, you can check whether your mail has been opened by the recipient. You can do that using other email trackers too such as Bananatag.  But Pluto’s speciality is that it can unsend email. And it’s free while an email tracker like Bananatag and an email scheduler like Boomerang are freemium products: you can’t make full use of them unless you pay for them.

You can use Pluto with Gmail, Outlook and other email clients.

Pluto is the brainchild of Harvard Law School students Lindsay Lin and David S. Gobaud.

“I don’t think anyone has done this before the way we have done it,” said Gobaud. “It lets you keep using your same email address, your same email client, and the receivers do not have to be using the service.”

In other words, you can use Pluto with your existing email address to write to anyone – even those not using Pluto.

Want to use Pluto? Join the waiting list to get an invitation from Pluto to start using the service. Remember, you needed an invitation from Gmail too when it was launched 10 years ago.

Pluto’s creator Gobaud graduated from Stanford in 2010 with a degree in computer science, worked for Google and launched a software automation team at the White House before enrolling at Harvard Law School.

Co-creator Lin, who graduated from the University of Virginia in 2012 with a degree in mathematics, has been creating websites since grade school. She spent time in the investment banking division at Lazard before going to law school at Harvard.