Flipboard to get better with Zite technology


Flipboard, one of my favourite news apps, will get better at the expense of another: Zite.

Flipboard will stop developing Zite, which it is buying from CNN.

Zite will be shut down, but Flipboard will use its recommendations technology to become an even better news app.

It is its recommendations technology that makes Zite special. Zite is unique, giving me interesting news and stories that I would have never found myself.

I subscribe to a lot of websites on news apps and aggregators such as Flipboard, Feedly and Google Play Newsstand.

But Zite gives me stories even from websites I don’t subscribe to — if they are about things that interest me. For example, Zite knows I like to read about books, so it sends me news and articles about books even from websites not on my reading list.

Zite is great as a source of news and information about topics that interest you.

It is possible to use Flipboard and Feedly as topic-based newsreaders like Zite. You can look for news and information about books and other things on Flipboard and Feedly too. But they are primarily meant, I think, to keep you updated on news from websites you subscribe to.

Zite is the news app that brings you news from the left field, from the unexpected source.

Now Flipboard could do the same, using Zite technology.

Flipboard is already the most popular and best-looking news app, optimized for smartphones and tablets.

The news isn’t always as easy to read on Zite, which sometimes serves stories from websites instead of mobile sites.

Now, combining Zite’s recommendation technology with its own mobile and tablet-friendly interface, Flipboard could deliver even a better user experience (UX).

Pleased with the possibilities, Flipboard CEO Mike McCue wrote:

Today we’re thrilled to welcome the Zite team to Flipboard and to announce our partnership with CNN. As a news-loving entrepreneur, I’ve long admired the work of both of these companies: Zite has always amazed me with its ability to give readers great content centered around specific topics—tens of thousands of them—and CNN has long been a pioneering force for 24/7 news coverage around the world.

We acquired Zite from CNN to address something we’ve heard from a lot of you: although you can already read thousands of sources from over 20 regions on Flipboard, you want easier and better ways to discover content about the things that matter to you. Adding Zite’s expertise in personalization and recommendations to Flipboard’s product experience and powerful curator community will create an unparalleled personal magazine for our millions of readers.

Zite co-founder and CTO Mike Klaas agreed:

Today is an exciting day: Zite is spinning out from CNN and joining forces with Flipboard. Together, we’re going to build the most wonderful place to read news that has ever existed.