Straits Times website manuals online

The New Paper and Today Online both apparently use Drupal – and, so it seems, does the Straits Times.

Interestingly, a quick search also turned up PDF manuals that seem to show the Straits Times staff how to create stories for their website and clear the cache of their content management system. There are extensive screenshots showing the procedures step-by-step.

I am sure the Straits Times must have changed or refined the procedures shown in these manuals, which are floating around online, unprotected by passwords and easily found by search engines. I am convinced the actual procedures used are guarded zealously. Security must be top-notch for a website like the Straits Times, which hides much of its content behind a paywall.

But the manuals offer a tantalizing glimpse into how to create content and pages. The instructions are given by Maven Lab, which says they must remain a closely guarded secret. But they were easily found through a Google search for “Straits Times”, “Drupal”,“CMS”.

What got me started was that I like the look of the Today Online website and wondered what CMS it used. The next inevitable step was to look at the Straits Times.

I am sure these are not the actual operating manuals. They are not likely to show up on  search engines for anybody to see. But it is interesting to see how content can be created and pages made for a big, constantly updated website with multiple sections like the Straits Times.