Google Keep really for keeps?

Now you can create and save notes on Google Keep. I created this slide show while fooling around with it. This is the desktop version of Google Keep. You can create notes, save pictures and email and share them with your friends on Google + Circles. And that’s it. It’s as basic as it gets.

There is no web clipper. You can’t organize your notes using tags the way you can on Evernote or OneNote.

But it has a search box to help you locate your notes. I typed “Wodehouse” and the picture of the author I had saved in my notes popped up.

The search feature may come in handy as your notes pile up.

But will you use Google Keep?

Sorry, Google, you can Keep it to yourself, wrote noted blogger Om Malik.

He won’t use Keep, he wrote, because Google can’t be trusted to keep its services running after the way it pulled the plug on Google Reader.

The news reader was used by millions of people and yet Google decided to shutter it down from July 1 this year because the number of users was declining, it said,

Google has a habit of launching and terminating services. Remember Knol, which was supposed to be Google’s challenge to Wikipedia, and Google Notebook?

Yes, there used to be a Google Notebook. Launched in May 2006, abandoned in November 2011. I used it.

Now Google is back with another notebook. But, after what happened to Google Notebook and Google Reader, how can you be sure this one’s for keeps?

Use it if you must. But save the important stuff elsewhere.