Remembering Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs born in San Francisco on February 24,1955, to two University of Wisconsin graduate students who placed him for adoption. Clara and Paul Jobs, an accountant and a machinist, adopted him when he was still a baby, reminds the Writer’s Almanac. Fans are clearly missing Jobs, who died on Oct 5 last year. Don’t miss the timeline video made by a fan. Here it is.

The Writer’s Almanac recalls:

He dropped out of college after a semester, went to India in search of spiritual enlightenment, returned a devout Buddhist, experimented with LSD, and then got a job with a video game maker, where he was in charge of designing circuit board for one of the company’s games. In 1976, at the age of 21, he co-founded Apple Computers, and less than a decade later, Apple unveiled the Macintosh computer. It was the first small computer to catch on with the public that used a graphical user interface, or GUI (sometimes pronounced “gooey”), where people could simply click on icons instead of typing in precise text commands.