The man who tweeted the hit on Osama bin Laden

All it takes is a blogger or a tweeter – who doesn’t even have to know what’s happening, merely report what he is hearing or seeing. The new media has turned journalism absolutely topsy-turvy. Thirty-three-year-old Pakistani IT consultant Sohaib Athar didn’t even realize he was reporting an American attack on Osama bin Laden when he tweeted about a helicopter hovering over Abbottabad. Then he saw a plane and next reported a helicopter crash. Only later did it dawn on him he was witnessing a deadly strike on the Al Qaeda leader.

President Barack Obama announced the death of the terrorist mastermind seven hours after Sohaib Athar’s first tweet, reports MSNBC. By then the media was following the Pakistani blogger and bombarding him with questions. Here is how they covered the story online. It’s a new kind of journalism.