U2 and the Beatles

Thanks to YouTube, anyone around the world can watch videos of this U2 concert on top of the BBC’s Broadcasting House on February 27.

A crowd of around 5,000 people gathered to watch the Irish four-piece as they played the songs Beautiful Day and Vertigo, reported the Telegraph.

They also aired Get On Your Boots, the first single from their forthcoming album No Line On The Horizon, and another new track called Magnificent.

The 20-minute gig was reminiscent of the Beatles' famous concert on the roof of Apple HQ on London's Saville Row in January 1969.

“The Beatles started it all with their rooftop gig at Apple in 1969, famously halted by over zealous London constabulary,” recalled Neil McCormick in the Telegraph. “These days the police are to be found putting up crash barriers and redirecting the traffic. Presumably if they objected to this use of their resources, Bono would just call the mayor. Or the prime minister.”

As an old Beatles fan, I would say the Beatles were definitely better. And younger too at the time. They certainly rocked, as this clip shows.