India has seventh biggest online audience

India has the seventh biggest pool of internet users in the world, trailing just behind France and leading eighth-placed Russia by a big margin.

The number of people aged 15 and older on the internet passed one billion in December, comScore announced, reports Techpulse 360.

Internet users from the Asia-Pacific region accounted for 41 percent of the total.

China has the largest national online audience, with 180 million people connected, or 18 percent of the worldwide total.

The U.S. is the second largest, with 16 percent and Japan follows with 6 percent.

Europe has 28 percent of the world’s internet users.

North America’s 185 million internet users added up to 18 percent and Latin American web surfers accounted for 7 percent.

Here are the top 12 countries.

CountryOnline audience
(in millions)
Global Share
South Korea27,2542.7%

To put things in perspective, internet users make up

65 percent of the Canadian population (33.5 million) [all population figures from Wikipedia]

60 percent of the UK’s population (60.9 million)

55 percent of the South Korean population (49 million)

53.4 percent of the US population (305.6 million)

52 percent of the French population (65 million)

47 percent of the Japanese population (127.4 million)

45 percent of the German population (82 million)

34 percent of the Italian population (59.8 million)

20 percent of the Russian population (142 million)

14.5 percent of the Brazilian population (190.4 million)

13.5 percent of the Chinese population (1.32 billion)

2.8 percent of the Indian population (1.14 billion)

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