Fourth of July arrives one day early for Beach Boys

The Independence Day fireworks celebrations are being held in Boston one day ahead – on the third instead of the fourth of July. That’s because of the weather – and the Beach Boys.

The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys

Hurricane Arthur is expected to hit early in the morning on the fourth, so the Boston Pops concert organizers had two choices – hold the fireworks show on the third or the fifth. They chose the third because the Beach Boys couldn’t come on the fifth – they have another concert elsewhere that day. [Continue reading]

Bloggy and blog: The difference

The New York Times has shut down the India Ink blog. When it was launched in September 2011, the newspaper called it its “first-ever country-specific site for news, information, culture and conversation.” Its shutdown follows the closure of The Lede … [Continue reading]

Love is… the Swinging Sixties

So life was never better than In nineteen sixty-three (Though just too late for me) - Between the end of the “Chatterley” ban And the Beatles’ first LP. That’s how Philip Larkin concluded his famous poem, Annus Mirabilis, though why he said life was … [Continue reading]

Happy birthday, Salman Rushdie

Happy birthday, Salman Rushdie! He is all of 67 today. What a pity a book he began with such brio has haunted him ever since. Few books open as memorably as The Satanic Verses. I cannot imagine any other writer describing an air crash quite like … [Continue reading]